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Grain Millers’ Inc. Sustainable Grower Program

In 2012 the idea for a Grain Millers’ Inc. Sustainable Grower Program was developed. The first question asked was “What does sustainability mean?” We determined that the major elements of sustainability – environmental, social and economic – have been commonly identified in the industry. The second question, and one we constantly revisit, is “Do our growers want this? Can it help them?” The answer from many of our growers was a resounding “Yes!”. Thus the effort began to design and implement a program.

What is GMI-SGP?

It is a free, voluntary program that helps our farmers track and improve in different areas of sustainability across their entire operation (all crops, livestock, food safety, etc). Grain Millers, Inc. is proud to say that we source a very large portion of our grain suppliers directly from the farm, and the main goal of GMI-SGP is to help our farmer-suppliers improve in all areas of sustainability.

Why should I be involved?

GMI-SGP is designed to give an objective end-score on different areas of your farm. This will help you track year after year how you are progressing in these areas. It is an age old axiom: that which gets measured, get better. The approach of the program is based on the premise that the very act of tracking progress will spur continuous improvement in a non-intrusive way.

All information is kept completely confidential, but will be put into an aggregate. This aggregate data also helps Grain Millers direct reach dollars into areas where farmers need more support and education.

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What is expected of me?

Each year you will fill out a questionnaire based on your operation. The questionnaire is formatted in a series of simple yes-or-no and check-all-that-apply questions, and takes an average of two hours to complete.

Why did Grain Millers develop this?

We support our growers. We want to find ways we can help support their operations beyond the price we pay. As our company president, Steve Eilertson, has stated, “It is the right thing to do.”

Sustainability is a journey, not a destination. While we have only recently launched this process in the US and Canada with a select number of farmers, we plan to expand both our program and the number of participating farmers-suppliers as we learn, refine and improve from year to year. Sustainability is a journey, not a destination.

Sustainability is a journey, not a destination.

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