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Truck Loadout

Marketing Your Grain

Grain Millers, Inc. is committed to partnering with farmers in the USA, Canada and around the world. We purchase both feed grade and edible grade raw grains in sizes from a single truckload to multi-railcar. With more than thirty years in the grain purchasing business, we've forged relationships with individual farmers and with state-wide co-ops.

Logistics Experts

We understand the transportation of large quantities of grain, and can help you navigate the sea of trucking companies, railroad hassles and fuel price fluctuations. Our industry experience can help you focus on growing your crop instead of fighting with carriers, and the strategic positioning of our grain mills means that we keep the total freight cost as low as possible.

Commitment to Organics

As a major producer of certified organic products for both food and feed, we're always on the lookout for farmers who can supply quality organic grains. If you're considering making the switch to certified organic production on some of your fields, contact us for help with how to get certified, industry contacts, and current organic pricing schedules.

Grains Purchased

Our supplier contact page has exact details on who to call for each grain we buy, here's a short list of the types of grain that we're interested in purchasing.

Grain Conventional
Food Grade
Food Grade
Feed Grade
Feed Grade
White Wheat
Winter (Red) Wheat
Linseed Meal
Soy Beans

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