The Single-Source Advantage

Grain Millers, Inc. blending and packaging services enable our customers to reduce costs and improve product consistency. By delivering a value-added blend instead of a selection of individual ingredients, we provide savings in transportation and bulk packaging cost, as well as minimization of shipping delays. With GMI as your single source for grain and dry ingredients, you can take advantage of volume discounts that our blending facilities are able to acquire.

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Formulated grain and fruit bars

We encourage you to review the services we offer and give us a call for more information or to discuss a need that isn't specifically addressed here. If we aren't able to meet all of your requirements from start to finish, we most likely know someone with the proper equipment who can work with us to supply our quality ingredients in the form you need.

Custom Tailored Specifications

If your application requires a specific ingredient specification or functionality, with adjustments to bulk density, absorption or granulation, let us assist you in creating the perfect product. Learn more about custom specifications.

Custom Blending

Instead of purchasing ingredients from Grain Millers, Inc. and blending them at your facility, it may be beneficial to have us blend the ingredients here and then deliver them to the next place they are needed in your supply chain. Learn more about our blending service.

Formulation Assistance

Our food scientists can help you create an economically feasible formula that performs the specific function that your product needs. We specialize in natural and organic solutions to help clean your label and keep your customers happy. Learn more about our formulation assistance service.

Specialized Packaging

Most of the products that are sold in our standard Grain Millers, Inc. packaging can also be packaged directly with your own custom bag or label. Many of our customers take advantage of this option to include an inventory code, logo or marketing name on the packaging. Learn more about our custom labeling and packaging service.

Retail & Small Pack

Our canister, pouch and retail box lines provide many options for customizing your packaging. We can even work with you to formulate a blend that can provide the product quality your customers expect. Learn more about retail packaging options.

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