Certified Gluten Free Oats

Certified Gluten Free Oats

Grain Millers is proud to offer a full line of certified gluten-free oat products to help our customers meet the needs of the gluten-free community.

While oats are naturally gluten-free, they often come in contact with wheat, barley and rye as the oat supply moves from the farmers’ fields to our mills. Our approach to removing these stray kernels of non-oat grains relies on a few key elements. We begin by choosing only the cleanest incoming raw oat shipments to put through the system. These oats are then processed through a dedicated series of mechanical and optical sorters that use natural differences in size, density and color to isolate and eliminate any remaining non-oat grains. Finally, the resulting pure oat stream is milled and packaged using equipment that has been cleaned extensively prior to the gluten-free production. Finished products are comprehensively tested using industry-leading ELISA technology in a dedicated gluten-free laboratory to guarantee that nothing leaves our door unless it complies with our third party certifier and the FDA’s strict gluten limits.

NSF Certified Gluten Free

Since we launched this system in 2013, we have conducted tens of thousands of tests on millions of pounds of gluten-free oats. The results uniformly suggest the same thing: our approach works. We were pleased when the Auditor NSF came to the same conclusion during our gluten-free certification, and we’ve been pleased to watch mechanical and optical sorting become more widely adopted by our peers and recognized as the gold standard in gluten-free oat milling. This type of rigorous, technology-based solution is the only way that we can continue to make sure that everyone, including those suffering from celiac disease, can always safely enjoy the health benefits of oats.

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