Formulation Assistance

Reviewing product performance

Perfection in a healthy snack

Technical Expertise

Grain Millers, Inc. food scientists can help you formulate a variety of products from low carb tortilla blends to organic brownie mixes. With more than twenty years in the food ingredient and baking industries, our assistance may be the ingredient you've been looking for.

Cleaner Labels

Grain Millers, Inc. has a commitment to green technologies and can assist you in finding natural ingredient alternatives at reasonable prices that achieve the same functionality as chemical solutions. For example we produce natural dough improvers and mold inhibitors which are enzyme solutions designed to replace chemicals in common bread and bakery mixes.

Going Organic

Markets for certified organic goods have increased steadily in the past several years and Grain Millers, Inc. helped pioneer that effort. Most conventional ingredients can be replaced with equivalent organic ingredients that provide similar functionality. Our experience developing organic products allows us to combine our organic grains, oat fiber and honey with organic ingredients from trusted suppliers.

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