Grain Division

Our grain division operates three grain mills in North America. These mills are located in Eugene Oregon, St. Ansgar Iowa, and Yorkton Saskatchewan. All three mills produce high quality oat-based products such as instant oatmeal and oat bran. Our Oregon and Iowa facilities also process other grains including wheat, barley, and rye.

Dairy Division

Our dairy division has been supplying high quality dairy ingredients, specialized services and risk management programs to the global dairy industry for nearly two decades. We are focused on making sure that your products, risk management needs and financial programs are handled in a professional and timely manner. We place the utmost importance on contract integrity and confidentiality.

We strive to make sure that even the smallest detail is accounted for; allowing you to feel confident in choosing to partner with us - today, tomorrow and in the years to come.

Specialty Products

Grain Millers, Inc. is a global supplier of conventional non-GMO and certified organic edible beans, grains, oil seeds, meals as well as other food and feed ingredients. We are able to offer the finest quality, identity preserved products by involving our expertise in all aspects of production, origination, processing, and shipping.

Further, our dynamic association with industry leading researchers and manufacturers allows us to understand and offer you everything from the latest developments in soy protein technology to the finest quality in refined vegetable oils.

Agricor Logo


Agricor is our dry corn milling facility located in Marion, Indiana. Agricor manufactures yellow corn grits, cornmeal and corn flour and has a growing presence in the certified organic and non-GMO corn product markets. Attentive service, competitive prices and consistent quality have strengthened Agricor's position in a highly-competitive industry.

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